Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

Exploring why being Jack ain’t half so bad as it’s made out to be.


One of the most often misquoted quotes derogatory is “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

This quote was made famous by Robert Greene in his 1592 dismissive remarks about William Shakespeare.

However, the quote should actually read “Jack of all trades, master of ONE”.

Being Jack
It actually pays & is good to have knowledge in a number of different fields & overall good general knowledge. For example, if you had to call an electrician every time your bulb goes out or a plumber every time your tap leaks you are going to be spending a fortune! (Or else to make sure the husband’s name is Jack 😉

More importantly, by knowing a wide variety of fields & knowledge you are better able to connect & engage with people. If you are starting out in your career, you would be able to make a better choice with more choices & knowledge about the choices you have. And if you are already long into your career, gaining new knowledge & skills helps you to grow & not stay stagnant – thus pushing our minds into new domains & for your self to grow.

After having acquired a broad base, one would then choose a field or specialty to master in. Having one’s own niche creates a unique space for an individual to compete (with less competition) & to flourish in! And this mastery will be complimented in all your dealings with others as you have knowledge about other areas which have a degree of relation too.

Thus combining both knowing a little of many things, & a lot of a single thing you would have made yourself stand way out above the crowd. This will also bring you great joy & more meaning in life with the pleasure of learning a little more about the world & yourself on a daily basis.

Will you make a conscious decision & take action to be more like the “real jack” today!

Do you agree that one should be more like “Jack of all trades & master of one”?


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